Coverage of Transformation

duterte-inauguration            President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his first ever State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 25, 2016. As expected, it claimed a handful of both positive and negative feedbacks. Serve enough, the President expected it yet, the people must be clearly clear in understanding the major points of the president’s speech.

Ever since the campaign period, the president undeniably charmed the people and earned millions of followers and loyal believers. His fervid opposition and desire to clear illegal activities in the nation – specially concerning illegal drugs – was the one that captured the attention of millions. His strong personality, his different approach on things and his unusual choice of words and statements made him a target of media above the other candidates. And in his speech he once again held the attention.

He made his opinion about illegal drugs crystal clear to everyone. He promised that in his administration, they wouldn’t stop until the last drug lord will be put behind bars. He was even willing to put them under the ground if the situation needed. Also, he addressed another big problem the Philippines is facing – the dispute over the West Philippine Sea. Respecting the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, it is believed that the president will ensure the safety of our countrymen along the area.

President Duterte also emphasized the need to strengthen the security precautions of the country. He ensures that security dialogues with other countries and would rather strengthen the partnership of the country with foreign nations. He also declared a ceasefire with CCP, NPA, NDF. He called for an end to the war between the government and some of our Muslim brothers.

Another thing that the president raised is the country’s need for generation of a thousand more jobs for the poor and skilled members of the workforce. Business capacities and country’s tourism is also on the need of improvement. It is also in the president’s plan to conduct a nationwide soil analysis for the benefit of the farmers. And another thing that didn’t miss his speech is his demand for emergency powers particularly to aid in the solution of severe traffic in Manila.

The president has many other points, both to propose his goals and to call for the nation’s cooperation. He’s giving us a picture on how he envisioned our country six years from now. We cannot expect a perfect government, that’s a given, but we can always look for a better country. We just need to keep in mind that a leader can’t do it all on his own, he needs his followers – he needs us.




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