Leaving Mediocrity


           You cannot open doors of opportunities if you won’t welcome change as a key. It is considered a must for all governments to build their foundation with a leader who’s actually not just all talk. Clearly, the last thing a country would need is a leader that was bound to just settle on what’s easier at the first glance. The emphasis on the need for a leader who is capable of changing the complacent mind set of the people is being stressed – specially in our country.

            It would be an understatement to say that Filipino people are just thirsty for change. Our country was subject to the same monotonous government with usual campaign for economic boost and eradication of corrupt officials for a couple of years. It has been just this year’s election when the people finally saw a ray of hope for a whole new form of government. Fed with traits of a transformational leader, people came hurrying towards it.

            Our current national leader strongly reflects the adjectives of what a transformational leader really is. Through offering energized vision and challenging goals, our president has successfully changed the expectations, perceptions and motivations of his followers, at least for the majority. He exercised his authority in giving strong orders for a change of scenery – particularly in the field of illegality – aiming beyond one’s concern but towards the common good. His initiative for transformations has brought the almost reachable benefits for the organizations nationwide and for the country as a whole.

            Transformational leadership promotes cooperation not just for the leader’s immediate alliances but also among local governments and even among residents themselves. With the president’s own example of the strong opposition towards illegal drugs, people were hooked and are persuaded by his proposal of reasons with great conviction. With the new approach the president projected, he earned both respect and admiration from his followers. Being the one that encourages new ways are altering our current environment towards success, he surely did get the approval of the nation.

            The change really has come on our own country. Strongly after our new leader sat on his position, his promised goals are now slowly turning into achievements. Being a leader that motivates higher level of performance, workers under both government and non-government organizations are now engaging themselves in the president’s challenge of clearing mediocre performance off the record. People are now also the idea that the country is gradually becoming a safer place.

            There’s no such thing as opportunity if not preceded by change. We all need to welcome a whole new set of standards set upon us by our new leader in order for us to achieve a much victorious state for the country. Because as Filipinos, we all know we need a leader who actually walks the talk, inspires and motivates. We all need that leader who shows concern for his followers and is also a great manager who could challenge his subordinates to execute innovative and creative in order to perform better for the benefit of the nation.