Gesture of Unity; Race for Victory

By: Jennica Agcopra

Photographs by: Francis Fellippe Amor Gumahin

                    Geared up from their respective teams and places of origin, riders paved their way to the race track as they took part in the Motocross Flat Track Challenge and Motocross Extreme Competition at Dumlao Open Lot, fronting Manolo Fortich National High School, March 18 and 19. The competition opened doors to all interested riders and teams which resulted to several participants from Davao, Dipolog, Zamboanga del Sur, Lanao del Norte, Iligan, Ozamiz, Kibawe, including the different barangays within the municipality. Under the scorching heat of the sun, riders battled their traces to the finish line in the different categories with varying laps ranging from five to eight.

FLAT TRACK: Solid Ground

Riders getting ready to race for the Flat Track Challenge.

                    There were seven categories in the Flat Track Challenge which included the Open Underbone, Local Enduro, Kids Rider 85 CC, Novice Production, Executive Production, Intermediate Production, and Expert Production. The event transpired on the first day to cultivate riders whose skills are yet to conquer extreme challenges. Though on flat track, the robust participants still proved to the euphoric audience that they have something to be looked out for. They blasted off their motorcycles out on the race track hoping for a triumphant finish on the final lap.

EXTREME: Through Thick and Steep

Rider #191-Mangosong, showcasing his motocross prowess.

                With two additional categories—XRM Stock and XRM Modified, the Motocross Extreme was held the day after and doubled the exhilaration among the crowd compared to the first day’s event. With steep obstacles prepared by the race track designers, the speed of the motorcycles were pushed to the highest level as the riders took flight and lambasted anyone who hinders their way towards victory. The race was anybody’s game for every rider’s fate depended on his motorcycle and his effort in handling the tedious lump of ups and downs.

Rider #20-Scot Remi showing his motocross aerial skills.

                To spice up the already extreme sport, the Local Government Unit of Manolo Fortich invited the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5 Grand Finalist, Unstoppable Athletes (UA) Mindanao motocross group which consists of five members namely Bornok Mangosong, Scott Remi, Jano Flores, Winsor Pamorca, and Phil Mirasol. The group performed breathtaking stunts on the two-day event leaving every person in the crowd in awe. They had been the pride of Mindanao in the said sport which gave the audience quite the honor for seeing them do their stunts personally and not just onscreen.

Magosong exhilarates a fan by letting her enjoy a once in a life time experience.


                UA Mindanao mingled with their fans as they drove in full throttle around the race track and waved from time to time. Fans were also given the chance to ride with them and experience their mind-blowing proficiencies which were fruits of their hardwork, perseverance, and passion as riders. Select people from the crowd had a tight grip as every member boosted theirselves and their motorcycle engines. Euphoria enveloped the whole race track as the remaining part of the entirety cheered for the individuals who were lucky enough to be chosen.

Remi having the classic crowd high-five.
Mangosong taking his final leap to grabbing the gold for Extreme Track Challenge- Expert Category.

             Though considered as special guests, UA Mindanao joined in the different categoriesof both the Flat Track and Extreme and emerged as winners in most of it. The group may have dominated the race track but still, other riders made it to the Top 3. The awarding ceremony happened on the second day, after all the competitions by category and the exhibitions of the guest motocross group.

Riders racing down a hill fighting for a place in the top 3.

             The event ended successfully on a Sunday afternoon and all riders were contented though not all of them have won. The spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie were evident in the competition albeit it was in form of a race. It was still a friendly game for all those motocross enthusiasts and nothing more had made them happy for in the first place, joining was their purpose and winning was just a bonus. They were all guaranteed winners in their own being for the essence of motocross is no more than having the courage to join and risk your life in the race track. The competition ended but the riders have a long way to go and there’s more to their future than being in the Manolo Fortich motocross competition.